Kaboom hotel goes viral

InterAlter was asked to come up with a distinctive hotel concept. The design needed to incorporate the history of the existing building and the dynamic environment, bring the outside in, create rooms for more than two people, and lead to a scalable product that could be applied in different cities. Mosa wrote a case study about this project and published this world wide - thanx!!

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Join us in Aachen!

“Common Knowledge” in Aachen is the perfect chance for sharing your dreams, projects and ideas to an interdisciplinary group of creative experts.
We will be there for you, but we are far from alone…

To name few of them…

Benjamin Fleig: artists and curator from Galerie vorn und oben, with an extensive network in all Germany and a lot of knowledge to share.

Strictua: their video creations are just amazing. Marijn & Miquel are a great example of how passion, commitment and a proactive attitude can develop in something special and unique like their company!

Schauer Fotografie: I AM DIFFERENT ambassador of Nikon, a great example that the best way to be realised is to follow your talent. “The thing I am very proud of is that I decided to follow my passion and gave up a stable and safe career. Of course is has been really scary to do this (and still is every now and then) but I feel like I can finally just be me.[…]”

Geurlab: What’s the scent of your brand? After working in different industries Geurlab specialised in scent, and personalising brands through senses.

Several other experts will be in the audience undercover… your task to connect and share knowledge with them…

In cooperation with designmetropole aachen & HOTEL TOTAL

Date: 24ft February 2016
Location: Hotel Total, Kirche St. Elisabeth, Jülicherstrasse 72 a, 52070 Aachen, Germany
Time: 19.30 – 21:30
Language: English